Drew Redshift Porter (@iamredshift)
- Founder of Red Mesa, a premium security consulting and engineering firm, specializing in full-spectrum, Red Team engagements for the Fortune 100, critical infrastructure providers, and hi-tech startups. 
- Lead a DoD founded research lab for exploitation and surveillance of embedded devices
-Recognized expert in Physical, Wireless, and IoT/ICS security. 
- Presented at many security conferences, and personally presented for intelligence agencies and NATO allies.

Josh Schwartz (@fuzzynop)
- Red Team Lead at Salesforce
- Presented at Derbycon, THOTCON, ToorCon, Hushcon, and more
- Wins CTFs, and does not afraid of anything
- Raised by computers is not a computer that knows how to computer
- Currently studying how to speak dolphin

Chris Magistrado (@CMagistrado)
- Security Analyst
- Crypto-Anarchist
- CTF Competitor
- Founding Officer of The Hacking Club @ SFSU