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  • 1600 Holloway Avenue
  • San Francisco, CA, 94132
  • United States

Want to protect yourself while browsing facebook? Maybe you've heard of Man in the Middle attack but don't exactly know what it entails or how it's performed?

Presented by The Hacking Club (SFSU)

The amazing hosts from Hak5, a hacking show that covers everything from network security and open source forensics to DIY modding and homebrew scene, are going to be at The Hacking Club’s first event of the semester! The hosts, Darren and Shannon, are coming to SF State to talk and host a workshop on wifi hacking using their Pineapple wifi router. The first half will be a quick talk and the latter half will be an actual workshop where you will be able to work hands on with everything discussed in the first half.

You will need an installation of Kali Linux either on your laptop or a USB, either is fine. There are well-documented instructions that we will post below to either install onto a USB or dualboot from Windows or Mac. If you need help, please don't hesitate to ask on Groupme or if you still have access to it, our Slack.


Darren Kitchen

Shannon Moore (@snubs)


3:50pm - Doors open
4:00pm - Introduction of event
4:10pm - Presentation
5:10pm - Workshop

For more information, contact president@gatorhack.com.

Please share this event and bring a friend!