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1600 Holloway Avenue
San Francisco, CA, 94132
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Science Building 256

It's the end of the semester and we're ready to go out with a bang! This is The Hacking Club's last event for the semester, Popping Shells and Taking Names, where we will be teaching you how to hack into web servers. Unlike our earlier events, we do have requirements for you to bring this time, they are noted after the description below.

Presented by The Hacking Club (SFSU)

Let’s hack some Web Servers! It’s the end of the year, and to celebrate the origin of The Hacking Club, we will be hosting our final event. We will be doing the following:

1. Create virtual web servers
2. Running Network Scans
3. Download the Database
4. Enumerating the vulnerable server
5. Uploading a reverse shell to get terminal     access
6. Take full control of the server.
We will be breaking out in groups for these exercises and be pwning each other’s web servers.

Please bring the following:

  1. Laptop (any OS)
  2. Virtualization Software
    Virtualbox is free and on all platforms
    VMware is also a great application
  3. An iso copy of kali linux.

Note: We will have SOME usb's with virtualbox + kali linux on them, but won't have enough for the entire class so come with it installed. So please come with the above items.

Workshop Host:
Chris Magistrado


4:00pm - Doors Open
4:10pm - Introduction to Network and Server Security
4:15pm - Start workshop

For more information, contact Ty Durden on FB or

Please share this event and bring a friend!