• The Hacking Club @ SFSU (map)
  • 1600 Holloway Avenue
  • San Francisco, CA, 94132
  • United States

Finding yourself getting lots of malware? How about getting hacked every other week? Damn, it sure looks like you ain't secure. We've got a fix for that, with this event!

Presented by The Hacking Club (SFSU)

The Internet is like the Australian outback, there are many dangerous things out there and if you're not careful you'll get bit hard and die. 
Fortunately, there are ways to protect1 yourself. This event will consist of a talk and a workshop on how to be secure on the Internet and avoid all of the seemingly dangerous things out on the Net. Our presenter will blow your mind with simple solutions to complicated security problems. He will also be showing NSA Top-Secret documents

Speakers and Presenters

Chris Magistrado
- President of The Hacking Club

-1st Place in Peerlyst’s 2016 Hackathon
-Security Analyst


4:45pm - Doors open
5:00pm - Introduction of event
5:10pm - Chris’ “NinjaSec: How to be a Security Ninja in 30 minutes” presentation.
5:40pm - Questions and Comments
6:00pm - Workshop: Sending Encrypted Emails, IMs, and Text Messages

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