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Do you know what you want to be when you grow up?
Why not an Ethical Hacker?

Presented by The Hacking Club (SFSU)
Public Event open to everyone, regardless of education level or major. ♥

There are MANY legal careers in the Information Security and this event is to show young Security Professionals in the field, who are making around $75k-$120k starting. To many people's surprise, many people in InfoSec do not have college degrees. We have gathered 3 phenomenal Security Professionals, who will explain how they got to where they are and their passion for computer and security. In the following days to come, we will be providing workshops to teach all the skills necessary for any InfoSec career. So stay tuned, come out, and learn how the professionals do it. 

Drew Redshift Porter (@iamredshift)
- Founder of Red Mesa, a premium security consulting and engineering firm, specializing in full-spectrum, Red Team engagements for the Fortune 100, critical infrastructure providers, and hi-tech startups. 
- Lead a DoD founded research lab for exploitation and surveillance of embedded devices
-Recognized expert in Physical, Wireless, and IoT/ICS security. 
- Presented at many security conferences, and personally presented for intelligence agencies and NATO allies.

Christina Camilleri (0xkitty)
- Bachelors of Computer Science
- Self-taught Pentester
- Security Analyst at Bishop Fox, a security consulting firm providing IT security services to the Fortune 500, global financial institutions, and high-tech startups. 
- Attended and presented at local and international conferences on social engineering and has won highest scoring OSINT report for two years in a row in the DEFCON Social Engineering CTF

Josh Schwartz (@fuzzynop)
- Red Team Lead at Salesforce
- Presented at Derbycon, THOTCON, ToorCon, Hushcon, and more
- Wins CTFs, and does not afraid of anything
- Raised by computers is not a computer that knows how to computer
- Currently studying how to speak dolphin

3:45pm - Doors Open
4:00pm - Introduction of Event
4:15pm - Drew Porter's "Professional Bad Guy – It’s legal, I promise"
4:45pm - Christina's "The Nihilist's Guide to Wrecking Humans"
5:15pm - Josh Schwartz's "Trolls Everyone and Does Not Afraid of Anything"
5:45pm - Q&A of Presenters
6:00pm - Closing Speech

We will broadcasting this event LIVE thanks to Andrew Liu Studios, so if you're not located in the Bay Area, you can watch from home. We will have a LIVE Q&A section where your questions at home can be answered!

For more information, contact Ty Durden on FB or president@gatorhack.com.

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Special Thanks!
Jeffrey Noehren and the ACM for assisting with securing location!
Andrew Liu Studios for recording and broadcasting the event!