Thank you to those that came to our event, Popping Shells and Taking Names, this event was only successful because you were there. We at the GatorHack hope that you all found this event very informative and use this new knowledge in a way that will further the field of security.

To those that were unable to attend, this event was a workshop of how to exploit a server on the same network. We used Kali-linux to attack a Metasploitable Server which was run on a Virtual Machine via VirtualBox. Instructions for all the things we did are posted on our blog.

This was the last event for the Spring 2016 Semester at SFSU. We hope that you all continue to come and participate in future events. Follow us on all social media to receive updates about the club and future events.

Once again, Thank you to those that came and participated. To everyone, Good luck with finals, we’ll see you all in the near future. 
- The Gator Hack Team.