What's are you all about?

We live in a world that is so political, that even public education systems are unable to change and adjust programs as easily as it should. The Computer Science Department @ San Francisco State University has been doing their best to provide a curriculum for computer scientists to have the knowledge they need for the real world. Unfortunately, if a student wants to learn about security, there are very few courses one can take. It was this reason that we formed The Hacking Club, to share our passion for learning and growing in respect to Information Security. We create workshops, give seminars, and gather for conferences to teach and educate other scientists about InfoSec. We do not discriminate against student major, race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, or any other identity one associates as. We are here to teach anyone who wants to learn!


Isn't hacking illegal?

This is a common misconception due to media outlets and ignorance.  The term "hack" means to change and to make something better. One can take a piece of paper, an instrument used to be written on, and create a paper airplane. Because the piece of paper was created for a different intention, the person who creates an airplane out of it "hacked" the piece of paper. The same can be said for computers and programs. To change a computer or program to do something it was not originally designed to do, is a form of hacking. The art of hacking isn't inherently malicious. If I have two computers at home, and decide I want to access my desktop from my laptop, I could "hack" my desktop. This act, is not illegal, as I own both devices and have the permission to access both computers. This is the approach we take in our club. We virtualize servers we own and provide vulnerable areas of compromise, to teach students how to identify weak points in security, how they're exploited, and how to patch them. All, legal as we own and give permission to all users whom attempt to access it.


Isn't it bad to teach people knowledge that can be used for criminal activity?

As knowledge itself is not malicious, there are people who want to learn these skills so they can commit malicious acts. The Hacking Club DOES NOT condone illegal actions. We are an education platform for students to learn. If we discover that any member or attendee is committing or has committed illegal acts, we remove and ban them from our club. We haven't had an incident of this, and we hope to avoid any types of issues. 


I don't know anything about hacking or security.
I'm not even a Computer Science Major...

This is why we are here! We created this opportunity to teach you about all hacking and security, regardless of your major. Whether you have no programming experience, or know 3 languages, we are here to teach anyone and everyone, regardless of their skill level. 


Can I just show up to an event?

YES! Bring a friend and a willingness to learn! 


I would like to be more involved with The Hacking Club.
Where can I start?

Contact us at president [AT] gatorhack [DOT] com and we will get back to you!
PS, we are on discord! Please email us at president[AT]gatorhack.com for invite